Smokeban countdown: 5 days to go

Mais je ne le sais pas encoreA campaign from the French INPES

  • En fumant dans la meme piece que lui, j’augmente de 25% le risque qu’il meurre d’un cancer de poumon. Ce n’est pas rien. Mais je ne le sais pas encore. Moi non plus.
  • En fumant a cote du serveur, on augmente de 50% le risque qu’il ait une crise cardiaque. Mais on ne le sait pas encore.
  • Quand je fume a cote de mes enfants, j’augmente de 70% le risque qu’ils aient une infection pulmonaire. C’est enorme. Mais je ne le sais pas encore. Moi non plus.
  • (on screen) C’etait hier. Aujourd’hui vous connaissez les risques du tabagisme passif.


  • By smoking in the same room as him, I increase by 50% the risk of him dying of lung cancer. That’s considerable. But I don’t know this yet. Neither do I.
  • By smoking next to this waiter, we raise by 50% the risk that he would suffer a heart attack. But we don’t know yet.
  • When I smoke next to my children, I increase by 70% the risk of them havinf a lung infection. That’s huge. But I don’t know that yet. Nor do I.
  • (on screen) This was yesterday. Today you do know the risks of passive smoking.

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