Fallen in love again with my N91

naomi campbellI have an ambiguous relationship with my Nokia N91. When I received it for testing, it seemed to be all a mobile tech-savvy user could wish for. But time and time again, something happened that pissed me off: battery life, application crashes, losing data, and 2 months ago: refusing to boot. I got fed up with giving it a second chance, and a third …, and threw it in a drawer. In girl-terms, the phone was a Naomi Campbell: really pretty, but independable on the verge of bipolar. She might work, she might not. Impeccable behaviour or a slap in the face, no way to predict.

britney spearsThen I bought myself a medium priced SonyEricsson V600 and was not really satisfied with it. Everything about it felt wrong. For some reason, I like the Nokia user interface much better, or even the Samsung one. The V600 buttons felt toy-like, not sturdy. Its USB interface did not have a full or mini USB connector, but something proprietary. In short, it might be an OK phone, but not for me. In girl terms: more like a Britney Spears. Predictably boring and styleless.

Paz VegaSo I took up the N91 again, went to a Nokia service center (ARC in Zaventem, really nice people) and asked them to help me boot the phone again. When that actually worked, I also installed the new Nokia firmware (now 2.10.13) and wow, what a difference. Battery life is now well over 2 days, the phone does not crash anymore and everything works like it is supposed to. I’ve rediscovered Wifi on a phone, Google over WAP, seamless synchronisation with Outlook, hours of audio/video storage and LifeBlog, which allows me to post pictures directly to Flickr. We’re in our second honeymoon, sort of. And she’s turned into a Paz Vega: exciting, no nasty habits and still pretty in the morning.

So before we retreat to the honeymoon suite, just one remark: while it’s a good idea to let bloggers test your new products, be more clear about what stage the development is in. If I would have been asked to test the phone as a beta model, I would have had different expectations and probably more patience. I sure wouldn’t have trusted it as sole GSM and burned my fingers when it broke down on me. Anyway: now it’s out of beta: awesome phone!

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the above ladies personally, and as such, my disputable comparisons are merely based on input from gossip magazines and blogs. I might be totally wrong about their actual personality and I’ll probably never know. The main reason for the methaphore was to allow me to include pictures of girls, not phones.

9 thoughts on “Fallen in love again with my N91”

  1. Love your report on this product. I was doubting a bit to go for the Sony, but hence not anymore. My ceo also recently bought a Sony but i agree on the sturdy and unfriendly childlike look and sometimes even un-logic interfacer.

    Btw, what’s op with the These Days banner!? (on top it has an ugly naked bitchlike pornstar hidden after a few loops, too bad) Luckely these ladies kinda keep up appearances

  2. I, too, have just fallen back in love with my N91. All this coming down to me discovering how to fix “slow phone syndrome”. Essentially, I think that I’d messed up the files on the HDD – probably by installing some experimental software, and worst of all installed it to the HDD, which I think is meant to be bad practise too.

    I backed up the Live 8 videos, and my photos (and the sample music), and formatted the hard disk, and then copied these back (without the other random files), and now suddenly the phone is working better than ever. I think with the new firmware (that I put on in a failed attempt to fix the slowness ages ago), combined with this, that it is better than when I bought it. It even seems to be giving practically gapless playback now (certainly less than half a second between tracks).

  3. Dude..
    I hope u r done wid u r Honeymoon 😛

    Hey i just bought a N91(91-5)..the problem is i’m not able enable Wifi..
    I’ve also heard that there’s no wifi available wid this version..is it true….
    Wil the firmware update be of anyuse to me….
    Do reply ASAP

  4. Using the last firmware is always a good idea, but in my case, the Wifi has always worked. Just try to use the browser and, when asked for “Available networks”, use “Search for WLAN”. If that doesn’t work, maybe the Wifi module in your phone is broken, and you should get it fixed.

  5. it happened just like you!!! i ordered a new housing and and planning to buy the 8gb version since i found out that 300 kbps sounded great!!! i love the mp3 on this phone and i will stay with it until something came out,perhaps like the n95 but with the same or better sound quality!!!

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