naomi campbellI have an ambiguous relationship with my Nokia N91. When I received it for testing, it seemed to be all a mobile tech-savvy user could wish for. But time and time again, something happened that pissed me off: battery life, application crashes, losing data, and 2 months ago: refusing to boot. I got fed up with giving it a second chance, and a third …, and threw it in a drawer. In girl-terms, the phone was a Naomi Campbell: really pretty, but independable on the verge of bipolar. She might work, she might not. Impeccable behaviour or a slap in the face, no way to predict.

britney spearsThen I bought myself a medium priced SonyEricsson V600 and was not really satisfied with it. Everything about it felt wrong. For some reason, I like the Nokia user interface much better, or even the Samsung one. The V600 buttons felt toy-like, not sturdy. Its USB interface did not have a full or mini USB connector, but something proprietary. In short, it might be an OK phone, but not for me. In girl terms: more like a Britney Spears. Predictably boring and styleless.

Paz VegaSo I took up the N91 again, went to a Nokia service center (ARC in Zaventem, really nice people) and asked them to help me boot the phone again. When that actually worked, I also installed the new Nokia firmware (now 2.10.13) and wow, what a difference. Battery life is now well over 2 days, the phone does not crash anymore and everything works like it is supposed to. I’ve rediscovered Wifi on a phone, Google over WAP, seamless synchronisation with Outlook, hours of audio/video storage and LifeBlog, which allows me to post pictures directly to Flickr. We’re in our second honeymoon, sort of. And she’s turned into a Paz Vega: exciting, no nasty habits and still pretty in the morning.

So before we retreat to the honeymoon suite, just one remark: while it’s a good idea to let bloggers test your new products, be more clear about what stage the development is in. If I would have been asked to test the phone as a beta model, I would have had different expectations and probably more patience. I sure wouldn’t have trusted it as sole GSM and burned my fingers when it broke down on me. Anyway: now it’s out of beta: awesome phone!

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the above ladies personally, and as such, my disputable comparisons are merely based on input from gossip magazines and blogs. I might be totally wrong about their actual personality and I’ll probably never know. The main reason for the methaphore was to allow me to include pictures of girls, not phones.