Is that an iPhone in your trousers?


Ok, it’s a nice phone, but will all those Mac fans please stop panting in my ear? 4GB hard disk, Wifi, video player? I already have those in my phone. The Jonathan Ive touch? Yes, will probably make a difference. We’ll see that when the phone becomes available over here, by the end of 2007. In the mean time, pour some cold water on that boner, will you?

Apple iPhone

9 thoughts on “Is that an iPhone in your trousers?”

  1. Yet again, I can only agree with Peter. Mac addicts are real addicts, they would even get wild of an overpriced iSausage.

  2. i igree with mich.
    but nevertheless. Peter has a point.

    but, i’ve seen him working with his Nokia.
    it’s a great phone, it looks great but…
    – it crashed. (see earlier post)
    – and it doesn’t always work the wants to.

    what i want from a mac.
    (i am both mac & windows user)
    – reliability
    – no crashing
    – easy interface
    – everye possible gadget/plugin possible. (i am a macbook pro-user)

    so what i hope to get from the iPhone, is the exact same thing.
    and knowing what apple did in the future, i can only hope for the best.

    so, in a year or so, i’ll have peter’s phone.
    but, it will look nicer, it won’t crash, … etc.

    and i will be the coolest guy in the bar. ( :-p)

    still love you peter, but i think i’ll allso love (my) iPhone.


  3. @Clopin: I know you’re slightly sceptic, but I refer to “Wow. My hat off to you”. Your main objections are price (“Can I afford her?”) and battery life (“Can she keep up with me?”), but it sounds like you wanna have her anyway.

  4. Well, to be complete: I also worry about the size of the thing. I hint to it with the “nightmare in pocket”-expression, but I didn’t mention it explicitly because I’m not certain yet if I would object to it since I am considering buying a smartphone or pda. What I do worry about, and that would be the second and most important meaning of that expression, is, like many others wondered, how easily the screen could get scratched.
    As for the “hat off”: I do think it’s a very nice thing to look at, filled with everything we need, and I can imagine that the usability will be (very) good.

    So yeah, I’m (slightly) sceptic 🙂

  5. hey, i just called this phone “horny” on my blog because of its slick design
    my ericsson w810i has all the same functions except for the advanced webbrowsing 🙂

  6. Bwah…i’m not really convinced iI need an all-in-one device. I noticed i use my PDA only as a gps, my phone more as a pda…but never as an iPod. I want my phone with me almost all of the time…so i’m not convinced I’ll take an expensive iPhone out for..lets say…a snowboard hike (killed already two phones with that one)

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