Radio.Blog.Club is Youtube for music

radioblogclubDid you ever wonder if there was something as easy as Youtube for audio? That you could use a simple copy/paste procedure to put a music player in your web pages? Well, there is. I’ve started using the Radio.Blog.Club player for my Sample Spotters blog and it’s proven to be as convenient as Youtube.

Radio.Blog.Club is a french project that works differently from YouTube. The music is not hosted by them, but by individuals. You can install the, which allows you to ‘convert’ your music (it actually creates MP3 files at 64kbps with the LAME encoder, but calls them .rbs files) and then stream them from your own site in a playlist. The clever thing now is that Radio.Blog aggregates all these playlists and allows you to search from a central place. You can then listen to individuals songs (streamed from their respective hosts) or get the copy/paste HTML code to include them in your own blog/site. So they give you access to the music, but they don’t actually host the files, which puts them in a better position against the RIAA. They also have the RadioBlog store where you can buy music (through Amazon).

Some examples:

This is the Dusty Springfield version of “Just a little lovin” that was later remixed by Outlines (obsolete)
You can make fancy versions of the player by picking your own colors (obsolete)
Sometimes they even have some rather obscure music like this song by Shinichi Osawa (obsolete)
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