Gmail will disappear

UPDATE: it appears that I got the new “Google Mail” logo because for some reasons Google maps my IP address to Germany, and so I got the German branding. I still think it would make sense for them to switch to a branding they can use anywhere, and thus get rid of the Gmail name. When, is anyone’s guess.

google mail Now that Google changed the logo in my webmail client, I think we can say that Gmail is close to disappearing from Google’s (European) pages. They’re replacing it everywhere with the even less sexy “Google Mail”.

This might be due to the following legal hassle Google has in Europe:

The latest legal developments arrive just weeks after a European Union trademark office denied Google the rights to register the Gmail name across all of its member countries. Company representatives maintain that the EU ruling has no effect on its use of the trademark Gmail in countries other than Germany and the U.K. and that user experiences will be the same regardless of the service’s name.

They use the URL (no longer or and on the welcome page there is no mentioning anymore of any “Gmail”. On the Google product overview page it’s still Gmail. Same thing for Google Talk: I see hardly any mention on “Gtalk” anymore.

If they’re gonna use common names for all their products, then maybe Froogle will become “Google Shopping”, Adsense/Adwords maybe “Google Ads” and Picasa “Google Photos”.

4 thoughts on “Gmail will disappear”

  1. This is another example that they all the time want to go too fast with their new initiatives, without starting from a decent marketing introduction plan.

    After the UK, they now loose the right to use the name Gmail in Germany.

    Google Mail is just too long, Gmail was short and hip.

  2. Everyone will keep on calling it gmail anyway… hotmail is changing names to windows live mail. Who’s going to say “Hey I got new mail on windows live mail”

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