Metatale launches

One of Bart‘s secret projects has just launched: Metatale, an analysis tool to measure influence of Flemish blogs. What better way to start the buzz amongst Flemish bloggers than by publishing a top 100 of most influential blogs, our local alternative for Technorati Popular Blogs.
Metatale top100

technorati-tags What distinguishes the ranking from one purely based on incoming links and reputation is that Metatale can rank within topics. For this it has developed algorithms that analyze the content of blogs, presumably more complex than just listing the used tags like Technorati does (see image at the right). I wonder in what category/topic the blogs of Zattevrienden (Aardschok, Wilt, ZV, Wadda – all in the top #20) are featured.

Metatale does not have any syndication tools yet, so I quickly built an RSS feed of the top 20 with feed43. Combined with the feedList plugin for WordPress, this allows me to have a “Metatale Flemish Top 20” page on this blog. Another nice-to-have widget would be one that says: “This blog is #… in the Metatale ranking”, or one that displays the “influence ranking”, somewhat similar to the Google Pagerank. Oh well, I’m sure these tools are already somewhere in the planning.

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