The Nokia N95

Nokia 019
I am one of the blogger-testers of the new Nokia N95. I received one of the first phones two weeks ago and have been using it now as extra phone. As I was also one of the beta-testers of the Nokia N91, I’ll concentrate on the differences between these two high-end smartphones.

N95 vs N91


Some of the stuff I’ve tried out on the Nokia (Symbian-based):


A GPS, a video camera, Wifi … you can imagine that these things suck your battery empty in no time. When using the N95 on a regular basis, don’t count on lasting two full days on a full battery. From my experience with the N91: the power consumption might improve with new versions of the firmware. In the mean time: when your phone dies because you were recording a video of your cat playing the piano, you might be mad at yourself.

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