Linkeroever spam

Dear Mr. Bob Flora,

you are probably a collaborator for the “Linkeroever” movie. I see you were a sound designer for “Dju!” by Daniel Lamberts, who’s a friend of mine. So you’re connected to the Belgian cinema scene. But might I point out that we have never talked or met in person. So when you send me an email like the one above, that is not only impolite, it is also spam.

First off: didn’t your mom teach you proper manners? You don’t address me, you don’t introduce yourself, you just start shouting “Check it, rate it, forward it!”. Do you think that exclamation mark is gonna convince me? Never heard of the word ‘please’?

Secondly: where did you get my email address? I sure never gave it to you. I’m gonna reply to you to request to be removed from your spamming list, and it would be a good idea to comply with that.

Finally: do you think you’re doing Linkeroever or Pieter Van Hees a favour with stunts like that? I’m not linking to the movie or the Youtube trailer, as you might notice. That’s because you pissed me off. Your marketing skills are severely underdeveloped. Do something about it, or stick to designing sound.