Nokia Trends Lab @ AB

This Friday in the Ancienne Belgique: Nokia Trends Lab with Shameboy. There was a remix contest for a Shameboy song and it was won by Pieter Santens. I also downloaded the tracks last week and thought I’d use Acid Express to make a quick remix. But I quickly realized that I was so used to using the full version of Acid that going back to Express was like stepping from a Saab onto a scooter and still trying to hit the highway. So I stopped. Unfortunately I can’t find the winning remix on the Lab site.

Nokia Trends Lab is a cutting-edge event which combines mobile phone technology with creative and experimental art. Shameboy will look for local talent to remix their single, ‘Splend It’ from their Heartcore album. As an exclusive to Nokia Trends Lab, Shameboy has allowed samples of ‘Splend It’ to be temporarily featured online. The participant who creates the most memorable and original remix will be invited by Shameboy to record the track in the studio on 4 May. The remix will debute at the Nokia Trends Lab event which takes place on Friday 9 May at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. The music video for the remix will be shot during the event, by young talents using Nokia N95 8GB. These young talents will also be selected through a Film Lab on the Nokia Trends Lab website. The music video will then be aired on JIM.

If you still want free duo-tickets: send an email to with as subject “Shameboy tickets”. It’s also on Facebook!

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