I’ve recently started shooting on a Mamiya RB67 Pro-S medium format camera. It shoots on analog 120mm film, with illustrious names like Fujifilm Neopan Acros and Ilford HP5. For development, I started sending the films to Carmencita Film Lab in Spain. I had heard good things about them (better start with the best) and I liked the way they work remotely: you send your films through the post, your receive the scanned photos via Wetransfer and if you order prints, they’re sent via regular mail too. I prefer this to losing 2 hours to go into the center of Brussels to drop them off myself at Studio Baxton, and then another 2 hours to receive the scans on a CD. “On a CD?? Aren’t we in 2018?” I know.

Still, after my last batch of films to Span, I started calculating: 15€ for international registered mail, 16-19€ per film … Those prices easily add up to 2€ a photo or more.  So I asked myself: Isn’t there a photolab in Belgium that also works the modern “remote” way and could do the work for less? Actually, after some email inquiries, there appear to be, only none of them advertise this on their website. So: here is the list of Belgian photo development and scanning labs, that can receive your films by regular mail and send you the scans via Wetransfer:

Remote analog film development in Belgium

Photo development labs that can work 'remotely':
send films via regular mail, receive scans via email (Wetransfer)
Studio BaxtonOud Korenhuis 29, 1000 Brusselsinfo@studiobaxton.combank transferWetransferprices
LaboriverRue du Midi 5, 000 Brusselsinfo@laboriver.be?Wetransferprices
Fotoshop GentKasteellaan 421a, 9000 Gentfotoshop@telenet.be??prices

If there are labs that want to be included in this list, please contact me via email on peter@forret.com . Remark: I only include labs that do not require physical presence at the shop.