Statping for website monitoring

When you run a sh*tload of web sites and APIs, you need to check continuously whether they are still running or not. For public websites you can find quite a lot of freemium or paid SaaS services but, like me, you might need something that also works on your local network (LAN). For that, you need a self-hosted open-source software, that you can run on an internal server or Docker container. So I started looking around for a self-hosted solution.

First off, this is what I had in mind: I wanted a worthy local alternative for Freshping. We use it for monitoring of public websites, it comes with 50 URL checks for free, with status pages and alerting, it’s great. But an external SaaS cannot monitor your internal (LAN) services.

So this means concretely:

After going through like 50 different tools, I found only one that was simple enough and did what I wanted: Statping by Hunterlong.

It even has a mobile app, Slack notifications and can be set up in minutes thanks to its Docker image.

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