Educating the Chinese for security

I have been reading some articles on the Chinese treatment of the Uyghurs after listening to a NYTimes podcast. It is inhuman but no country dares to say too much about it. China is too rich and too easily offended. I decided to do something, even if it was very small. On this blog of mine, I get about 100 Chinese visitors per year. I suspect most of them are potential hackers, if I look at my Wordfence blocked attacks statistics. So I will educate any Chinese visitors on this domestic humanitarian issue, probably soon get banned by the Great Chinese Firewall (I am no yet banned according to Comparitech ), and as such also improve my website’s security, since I will then be banned for Chinese hackers too.

I installed the GEO Protection WordPress plug-in. I use it to send visitors from specific countries to specific pages. I then made a special page for Chinese visitors, with a Chinese translation (thx, Google Translate) of the article mentioned above. And to make detection not too obvious, I saved this as an image, not as text. I have now configured the plugin to show this page to Chinese visitors. Let’s see how many visitors I can educate before I get banned.

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