Work on the cutting edge of technology, invent new concepts, design and set up working systems.


Brightfish (before: Screenvision Belgium)

2006 – now: Technical Director

  • Digital distribution and projection in cinemas
  • Digital cinema technology: DCI, DCP, HD, encoding, transcoding, conversion

forret.com bvba

2000 – now: owner/independent

  • Consultancy, training, speaker
  • Web 2.0, SEO, social software, blogs, podcasts
  • Digital media, audio/video/cinema
  • Web caching, content distribution
  • Network operations, monitoring
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Product management


2000 – 2005: co-founder and CTO

  • Technical operations, research and development
  • (Co-) Design of registered mail application, web attestation application, secure storage application (Send2Store), digital image management application (Pixagogo)
  • Set-up of opt-in mass-mailing daily newsletter (Staatsbladclip) based on open-source components
  • Managing a mixed architecture of Windows/Linux web/application/database servers


1998 – 2000: Product Mgr/VP Managed PKI Services

  • Construction and management of secure data centre
  • Participation in Belgian and European projects
  • Project management Webtrust certification
  • Conception and development of ‘GlobalSign Ready‘ program
  • Edition of white-papers, product documentation

Keyware Technologies

1997 – 1998: Business Development

  • Product management for biometric software (white-papers, conferences, …)
  • Account manager for ISPs and technology providers
  • Trade fairs


1993 – 1997: DB/Technical Account Manager

  • Pre-sales consultant for database management
  • Account manager for large customers
  • Management of large databases in Sybase SQL Server
  • Data processing and manipulation on Solaris Unix


  • IT Works
    Search Engine Optimisation (Brussels, 2005)
    Organic SEO: background and recommendations
  • L-SEC
    Introduction on spam (Leuven, 2004)
    Presentation on why spam (unsollicited commercial email) exists, how it is generated, products and technologies for fighting it (white/black-list, Bayesian filtering, SPF, hash-cash, …)
  • RSA Conference
    Digital receipts: PKIX and Timestamping in practice (San Francisco, 2002)
  • ISSE
    Digital receipts (Paris, 2002)
    Presentation on how HyperTrust implemented digital receipts for integrity and non-repudiation of Internet transactions by using the PKIX (IETF) recommendations.
  • K.U.Leuven DocArch
    XML & Security (Leuven, 2002)
    Teaching 3 lectures for post-grad students in an XML course on how security (authentication, integrity, confidentiality) is implemented in XML: XML-DSIG, XML-encryption, PKIX, XKMS, …
  • RSA Conference
    Managed PKI Services (Munich, 2000)
    Presentation of GlobalSign’s outsourced RA/CA products
    Whitepaper on biometric technology
    Layered Biometric verification (Brussels, 1997)
    Explanation on the statistical background behind using a combination of multiple biometric technologies to reduce false acceptance/false rejection, and an adapted strategy for model ‘learning’.


  • Internet: html, XML, SEO,I18N, monitoring
  • Protocols: http, https, ftp, smtp, SOAP, BitTorrent
  • Security: Biometrics, DCI, PKI, TLS, XML-DSIG
  • Platforms: Win2K Pro/Server, WinXP, .Net, RedHat Linux
  • Software: Squid, WordPress, MediaWiki, Twiki, MRTG
  • Languages: VBScript, ASP, Python, PHP, Bash
  • Music software: ACID Pro, Reason, AudioMulch
  • Music: guitar, bass guitar, drums
  • Software development: Github


  • 2009: Tango Paparazzo – tango photography
  • 2009: Trend Visualizor – time-based graphs
  • 2007 – now: Milonga.be – tango portal for Belgium
  • 2006 – 2008: Barcamp Brussels – 4 unconferences for entrepreneurs and geeks
  • 2005 – 2010: Brusselblogt – city blog for Brussels (NL)
  • 2002 – now: toolstud.io (formerly web.forret.com) – online web-based tools for geeks


  • Postgraduaat Bedrijfskunde: 1995 – 1996: K.U.Leuven
  • Civil Engineer in Computer Science (M.Sc.): 1987 – 1992: K.U.Leuven
  • Latijn-Wiskunde: 1981 – 1987: Klein Seminarie, Roeselare

Personal details

  • Born in 1969
  • Belgian citizen
  • Living in Brussels, Belgium
  • Myers-Briggs type: ENFP
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French (fluent); Spanish (elementary)

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