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Adultery and secure documents

I get an email from CertiPost, a daughter company of the Belgacom/Belgian Post, that bears the title “You had an unwanted visitor last night“. When one clicks on the link, one has to give the name of one’s partner, best… Continue Reading →

There are no Flash websites

Never say “we have a Flash website”; there is no such thing. You might say: we have a website and it features, amongst a lot of relevant information in HTML pages, a Flash movie and/or application. You might say: we… Continue Reading →

Yahoo! Toolbar is misbehaving

Eventhough it claims to help you detect and remove spyware, the Yahoo! Toolbar – now included/suggested in lots of freeware downloads (Flash,)- practically behaves as a piece of adware itself. I subscribed to a Yahoo Group (for Flickr users in… Continue Reading →

Adsense: The long tail of spare change

Last year, Google took in about $2.7 billion through ads on other people’s sites, accounting for 44% of its ad revenues. Most of that money probably came through big sites, but a decent portion must have come from the little… Continue Reading →

Adsense also looks at search terms

I had been wondering just how much information Google Adsense uses to select the right contextual ads. Specifically, do they use the referring page also. I just got part of the answer:

Google moving into Interactive TV

Google is looking for a “Product Manager – Interactive TV”: In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google’s search and advertising technologies to enhance users’ Television viewing experience. (…) These… Continue Reading →

Google files patents for contextual wifi advertising

Google has filed and published the following patent applications: (1) Method and system to provide wireless access at a reduced rate: Methods and system for providing wireless access at a reduced rate. In one embodiment, access to a WAP is… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Brussels: May 2006

Last year we organised a fairly successfull blogger’s dinner in Brussels, and now we’re gonna try something different: next May we will have a Barcamp Brussels event. WHAT IS A BARCAMP? (photo by miss_rogue) Barcamp was first organised in LA… Continue Reading →

Edgeio: edge aggregator

Michael Arrington has just launched his new baby: Edgeio, a classifieds aggregator. Edgeio will spider and index anyone’s feed and aggregate the posts tagged with “listing”. It then clusters the other tags in order to attach the post to the… Continue Reading →

Adsense in all media: TV, cinema, sport, traffic

The other day I was talking with Francois on Google’s tests with providing ads in printed media, i.e. buying up ad space up front and deciding just before the actual printing what ads should go on which page. Adsense for… Continue Reading →

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