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Who makes a pretty PC?

I have to buy a new PC for my parents. I want to reuse an existing 19″ screen, so I am only looking for a desktop. My dad has been using a PC for a couple of years and don’t… Continue Reading →

My iPod is a girl

the first time I saw her, I thought she looked absolutely stunning and I wanted to have her there are others that are thinner, bigger or last longer, but I don’t want any other I did not have to read… Continue Reading →

Apple creates RSS the Microsoft way

When Apple reinvented the photofeed, they actually were a bit sloppy. Instead of building upon standard RSS and the Media RSS extensions backed by Yahoo!, Feedburner et al., they decided to do what Microsoft has always been accused of: they… Continue Reading →

Apple reinvents photocasting in iLife ’06

“Eigen lof stinkt” as they say in Dutch, but who told you back in August of 2005 that RSS + images made sense (‘Photofeed: image podcasting’)? A major new feature of iLife ‘06 is what Apple calls “Photocasting.” Described as… Continue Reading →

Filling a terabyte iPod

Muster said that within five years, Apple could release an iPod with one terabyte of storage — that’s almost 17 times the maximum amount of iPod storage Apple currently offers. Munster envisions a one terabyte iPod as a portable, “coffee… Continue Reading →

“Lost” in iTunes: good and bad news

There’s good news and bad news. First the good: Steve Jobs just issued a wake-up call to the movie industry. He already has shown everyone how to sell music (fixed price, basic DRM, no limits on burning) and hopes to… Continue Reading →

Hybrid CD: making it run on Mac and PC

“Just write it on a CD” can mean a lot of things. There’s the plain audio CD (also ‘IEC 908’ or ‘Red Book‘ standard – 74 minutes of audio), the CD-ROM (or ‘Yellow Book‘ – 700MB of data), the CD-R… Continue Reading →

Busy Being Born: the Mac User Interface

from This story illustrates the birth process of the Apple Mac user interface from 1978 to 1982, as told by Andy Hertzfeld. Lots of Polaroids to document the progress. The whole Folklore site is full of early Apple inside… Continue Reading →

IT Conversations: podcasting feeds your brain

There’s only one way to check if podcasting can change your life, and that is by diving completely into it. Since last week, I am the proud owner of a 20GB iPod, (the first Apple product I have ever bought)… Continue Reading →

Delicious Library: no, we don’t like Microsoft

Delicious Library asks everyone to blog about them, but they are slightly more picky in who can actually access their site: they are unreachable for the tiny minority amongst us running Internet Explorer on Windows. This website currently requires one… Continue Reading →

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