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digital cinema

Idea: LL and RR glasses on a 3D screen – Double Vision

(I had this idea in June 2011 and wrote this post in Oct 2011, but I decided to wait with publishing until my lovely colleague Sylvia could get the scoop and use it for a marketing action). A 3D display lets… Continue Reading →

Digital cinema advertising and me

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, might have seen some posts on “digital cinema“. I have been researching the topic for more than a year now. And for a reason, of course: it seemed… Continue Reading →

Big bazooka: XL Gaming @ Kinepolis

That 24″ screen not big enough for you? Now you can a rent a movie theatre for a half hour to play Playstation games on the big screen in Kinepolis Brugge. Thanks to the widespread digitalisation of Kinepolis cinemas, Kinepolis… Continue Reading →

Mission Impossible III: largest digital release ever

Add one more superlative to Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible: III”: it is the largest digital release ever, playing on more than 170 digital cinema screens throughout North America. And all digital preparation and distribution to those screens was handled by Kodak… Continue Reading →

Digital cinema: movie distribution

I wrote about digital cinema earlier. I want to focus now on the distribution of movies to theatres. FILESIZE OF A MOVIE The movie’s video signal is compressed and encrypted into a bitrate of max 250 Mbps, which translates in… Continue Reading →

Digital filmmaking: cheaper movies

“Shooting on 35-mm film costs about a dollar a foot,” Bob Harvey, Panavision senior vice president of sales, told Wired News. “A thousand feet for a thousand dollars adds up to about 11 minutes of footage. But about an hour… Continue Reading →

Digital cinema: one step closer

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) – founded in March 2002, as a joint venture of Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios – just released its “FINAL OVERALL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR DIGITAL CINEMA”:… Continue Reading →

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