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My own Pagerank inventory

When I search for Roos Van Acker (in the Google sense of searching), I have 2 sites that show up in the top results: a blog post of mine and the Flickr picture you see at the right. My blog… Continue Reading →

Yahoo should sell Flickr to Google

Brad Garlinghouse, a Yahoo senior vice president, has written an internal memo (that leaked, obviously) stating that it is about time for Yahoo! to bite the bullet and start reorganising/refocusing. I’ve heard our strategy described as spreading peanut butter across… Continue Reading →

Import Excel into Google Spreadsheets

This is the first time I noticed this: an email in my Gmail with Excel attachments offers me the option to view the document in Google Spreadsheets. Of course I tried it and indeed, the spreadsheet shows up in a… Continue Reading →

Helping Martin Luther King, Jr. a hand

Last week, CNET’s Elinor Mills reported on how a web search for “Martin Luther King” returns, as its first result on Google and as its second result on Windows Live Search, a web site (martinlutherking dot org) operated by a… Continue Reading →

Intrusive Google ads on Sourceforge

Come on, I can understand Sourceforge needs the Adsense revenue, but this is going too far. A huge 450 x 400 blue advertisement is blocking access to most download links on a Sourceforge download page, and there is no way… Continue Reading →

Five SEO Excuses

Russell Jones, CTO of SEO firm Virante, has found an original way of showing off his SEO skills: he created a top 5 of SEO excuses, and made sure they listed #1 to #5 for the Google query “five seo… Continue Reading →

Brussels Tango on Google Calendar

I’ve started a public Google calendar for tango events (milonga’s, salons) in and around Brussels. My preferred site, has gone down, the agenda at is quite ugly (it uses frames *shiver* ), and Marisa & Oliver’s agenda cannot… Continue Reading →

“Interestingness” for Google web search

Interesting Flickr Last year, when Flickr wanted to create a ranking system for its pictures, they developed an algorithm for “interestingness”. Flickr photo by tkproject2004 There are lots of things that make a photo ‘interesting’ (or not) in the Flickr…. Continue Reading →

Trackback wizard for Blogger users

Trackbacks are a good way to alert other bloggers that you citing them on your blog. It also helps to drive traffic to your own site (if your comment was insightful or tempting). Unfortunately, some blog hosts like Blogger, Skynetblogs… Continue Reading →

Google Site Search in Blogger

Just so I don’t forget, this is how to put a Google Site Search (search within your domain) in your Blogger template: <FORM METHOD="GET" ACTION=""> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="num" value="10" /> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="hl" value="en" /> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="as_sitesearch" value="<$BlogURL$>" />… Continue Reading →

Google and Perfect10: DMCA at its best

While searching for something really innocent on Google (honestly!), I got the following warning: The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (“DMCA” – 1998) criminalizes production and dissemination of technology that can circumvent measures taken to protect copyright, not merely infringement of… Continue Reading →

Lies, damned lies and Google trends

Yesterday I was browsing through my freshly arrived Tufte book “The visual display of quantitative information“. One example of “garbage in, garbage out” that he gives is the London Stock Exchange index (which went way down one year in Dec)… Continue Reading →

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