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Netgear ReadyNAS: NAS done right

One of the most popular pages on this blog is about a storage device that has a lot of enemies and few defenders, the SC101. It’s Windows-only, uses a proprietary filesystem and when (not if) it starts crashing, just say… Continue Reading →

WD My Book is not really ‘Pro’ storage

After having Lacie, Maxtor, Iomega¬†and most recently Netgear StorageCentral external storage fail on me, I am now the proud owner of a broken Western Digital My Book Pro II 1TB. I bought it less than a year ago and used… Continue Reading →

TomTom One: beauty with short breath

The TomTom One (the ‘old’ model) is my first ever GPS. Overall, an excellent design. I never had to open the manual because it is a very intuitive device. The route calculation is quite fast and accurate, and with the… Continue Reading →

Logitech online store: haunted

I have wanted to buy a keyboard with Bulgarian layout for a while, and as you can imagine, you don’t find these in the local FNAC or Vandenborre. So when I saw that the Logitech site allowed purchasing online, of… Continue Reading →

Two dice make a calendar

Little riddle: if you have two dice (so each has 6 sides), with 1 digit on each side and you want to be able to form all numbers between 1 and 31 (for the days of the month), what digits… Continue Reading →

LG KU-800: have low expectations

Because the posts on disappointing hardware are very popular on my blog (e.g. Netgear storage and Lexmark printer), I’d like to write about a device that also should be avoided: the LG KU800 GSM. The KU800 is the Vodafone version… Continue Reading →

Pimp your laptop: Apple vs Dell

Imagine you can walk up to your favourite hardware store and tell the guy: “Give me the biggest, fastest, meanest laptop you have. Money is no issue”. Let’s see what this would buy you in the (Belgian) Apple store: Pimped-out… Continue Reading →

Paypal-ready shops in Benelux?

Imagine one would have a certain amount of money on one’s Paypal account, and one would like to spend that on hardware or other physical goods. Let’s now limit that to shops active in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. What are… Continue Reading →

Best way to store one terabyte?

I’ve gotten quite some response on my Netgear SC101 post (in short: they don’t always work). There’s some catharsis in bashing inferior products, but at the end of the day, how DOES on store lots of data securely? Let’s make… Continue Reading →

Netgear SC101: crappy storage

UPDATE: also read my post about testing the Netgear ReadyNAS (it doesn’t suck) In my continuing quest for more and better storage, I have taken the following path: Maxtor 5000DV, 120GB USB/Firewire, bought in 2003. Was dependable for 3 years… Continue Reading →

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