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Coffee and Cigarettes: the halitosis effect

I saw Coffee & Cigarettes yesterday, a movie by Jim Jarmusch. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a ‘comic series of short vignettes’ with as main theme people drinking coffee while smoking. Jim Jarmusch started the project in 1986… Continue Reading →

Untamed Cinema: Grayson, the trailer, not the movie

John Fiorella has written, produced, directed and acted in his own low-budget trailer for a movie that has not been – and might never be – made. In a nutshell, the idea for GRAYSON has been swimming around in my… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Smelly Celebrities

A friend told me about an off-the-record list of celebrities with unpleasant body odor, where Brad Pitt supposedly featured as #3. Some Googling later, I found out Brad has moved up to #1! Here is the list as compiled in… Continue Reading →

Finding Nemo – Voices and faces

I was watching Finding Nemo with my daughter – kids are a great excuse to see animation movies – and was slightly bothered that I did not remember all the original voices. My daughter sees it with Dutch (actually Flemish)… Continue Reading →

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