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Newscorp is indeed dropping out of Google

The big disappearing act When Rupert Murdoch announced that he would remove his sites from Google (in order to make a deal with Microsoft, so that only Bing would have the NewsCorp pages, as we now assume), he apparently wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Dream turned to nightmare

You might have noticed the last couple of days that my blog (and some other of the dozen sites I run) was not always available. You might have experienced time-outs and Error 500 messages. I apologize for that. Let me… Continue Reading →

Please make this work again

One of the more popular pages on this blog is the post about Richard and Katie: if his site reached 5.000.000 hits, she would allow him to have a threesome ( It’s been three months now, so one wonders: did… Continue Reading →

Tsunami 12-12

There’s nothing I can say about this disaster that has not already been said. See the damage it’s done on Help out! Donate on

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