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Let’s get rid of

Bad wake-up call: reports on Erik Marcus, a podcaster who has had his podcast feed hijacked by (no link, you know why). Why am I concerned? Guess under what name my Smoothpod Mashup podcast is registered in iTunes?… Continue Reading →

Filling a terabyte iPod

Muster said that within five years, Apple could release an iPod with one terabyte of storage — that’s almost 17 times the maximum amount of iPod storage Apple currently offers. Munster envisions a one terabyte iPod as a portable, “coffee… Continue Reading →

Adam Curry goes 100% podsafe

Adam Curry, godfather of podcasting, has had an epiphany: I was told – maybe I should say … threatened is not the right word – but ‘promised’ that they (the music/broadcasting companies) are gonna come after podcasters, and they’re gonna… Continue Reading →

“Lost” in iTunes: good and bad news

There’s good news and bad news. First the good: Steve Jobs just issued a wake-up call to the movie industry. He already has shown everyone how to sell music (fixed price, basic DRM, no limits on burning) and hopes to… Continue Reading →

Get ready for video podcasting

You can argue about whether to call it ‘videocasting’, ‘vodcasting‘, ‘vlogging‘, ‘vblogging’ … But you cannot argue about the surge in buzz about it: John Q. Public is getting ready to create his own movies and show them to the… Continue Reading →

Photofeed: image podcasting

As I said in a previous blog post: it’s not logical that there is no picture podcasting yet, while the content, the devices and the technology are all there. That’s why I decided to lend the ‘loosely coupled’ movement a… Continue Reading →

RSS with images: picture podcasting

There is something weird: after the audio-only iPods came the iPods with images, but there are no iPods for videos (yet). However, we already have video podcasts, but there are to my knowledge hardly any picture podcasts? Why did we… Continue Reading →

Propaganda: podcast creation tool by Mixmeister

While checking for the latests versions of Mixmeister software, the excellent audio tool for crafting MP3 mixes, (they’re at release 6.0 now), I also noticed they just released Propaganda, a Windows software for creating p0dcasts. They’ve built it on the… Continue Reading →

Jobs announces Podcasts in iTunes

If this is true, it could change the landscape for podcasting significantly: Apple is jumping on the podcast wagon: Steve Jobs just revealed at the D: All Things Digital Conference that iTunes 4.9 will add support for podcasts. With one… Continue Reading →

Podcast hosting: cheap or free?

Podcasting is a fun hobby, but leaves you with several tens to hundreds of megabytes of MP3 files to host. If your podcast turns out to be popular, you might also have over 20GB of file downloads per month (‘bandwidth’)…. Continue Reading →

iTunes and ID3 tags

I have a Sony MP-40 car radio that reads CDs with MP3 files. However, since I started using iTunes to create my MP3 CDs, I sometimes seem to lose the ID3 tags (Title/ Artist/ Album). I now know why: iTunes… Continue Reading →

QuotePlay and portable SMIL

Matt Round had released QuotePlay, a Flash-based MP3 player for playing specific parts (‘quotes’) of an MP3 sound file. A bit like <blockquote> for sound, and a handy way to cite podcasters. I remember Jon Udell talking about a different… Continue Reading →

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