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Blog search engine frenzy

Exciting times in blog search country: Technorati seems to have figured out how to make its cosmos search fast again. About time, as I said earlier. Google has just launched its long awaited blog search. It is also available under… Continue Reading →

Pareto doesn’t do search

I’m gonna talk about a post that is 6 months old, I know, but I recently re-read it and wanted to link it to Technorati’s recent traffic troubles. Joe Kraus from JotSpot (and previously Excite) wrote an excellent article called… Continue Reading →

Google Desktop: buggy stuff

I regret having installed the Google Desktop Beta. I thought they would have ironed the biggest bugs, but my first experience is not reassuring. I installed it on my P4 2.8GHz with about 100GB of data (lots of it CD… Continue Reading →

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