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Myers-Briggs typology: I’m an ENFP

Background I have never been a big believer in astrology. I am not convinced the location of stars at the moment of your birth is that important to your personality. I’m a Virgo, but I don’t feel that defines me… Continue Reading →

Please make this pay

One of the memes going round for the moment is a guy whose girlfriend will let him live his dream (a threesome) if his website receives 5.000.000 hits by the end of this year. It’s a bit like the… Continue Reading →

Play us a slow song

I remember when I started DJ’ing and going to parties (that would be the previous century, yes) that we used to have this whole ‘slow-dancing’ routine. Every couple of hours the DJ would play ‘La Bamba‘, sweaty teenagers would check… Continue Reading →

Emma, Marie and Julie

I found some data on the first names parents gave their children in 2004 (data from It should come as no surprise that passe-partout names (used in both Dutch and French) dominate the first names hitparade. Here are the… Continue Reading →

IVI: Internet voor Iedereen

If your (Belgian) parents or grand-parents want to buy a cheap PC to get started on the Web, tell them to hold back for a couple more days. The Federal Government – through FEDICT – has set up a program… Continue Reading →

BMI is not perfect

I’ve written a post on the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the candidates for Germany’s next Top Model and I have been mentally bugged ever since. Not by images of thin girls, but by the formula of BMI: weight(kg) /… Continue Reading →

Together facing the new totalitarianism

A number of influential international writers, journalists and intellectuals have just released a manifesto: “Together facing the new totalitarianism”, stating that we need to protect the universal rights (freedom of expression, equality of man and woman, …) from attacks by… Continue Reading →

Professional Communicator

Just received a sweet little email from self-proclaimed “professional communicator” Jody Robb, about a free RGB-2-CMYK converter tool of mine: From: Jody Robb [mailto:jr@***] Subject: Poxy program I wasted ten minutes on your poxy program. If you�re gonna put stuff… Continue Reading →

Instant Ken and Barbie: Melanotan to the rescue

Thus a drug called melanotan (…), which was developed as an analogue of this hormone to promote a natural tan as protection against skin cancer, was found to have the side effect of dramatically increasing libido in men and women… Continue Reading →

LovePangs – Pain-Rage-Resent-Over

Anyone knows what a “Love Pain Congress” is? Neither did I, so I yesterday I went to LovePangs in Ghent. When you get in, you are screened by the “Pain Commission” to see in what stage of the process you… Continue Reading →

What women want

Things you learn in bars: the list of things girls look for in a guy (or, in this case, as cited by Nathalie and An). I use the following scale: 1 = nice to have … 3 = definite bonus… Continue Reading →

Live traffic info

Yahoo just announced that they now have live traffic information on their mapping service: In a milestone for Internet-based traffic services, Yahoo! has beefed up its existing mapping services to allow customers to plot a route from one local destination… Continue Reading →

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