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Web-based web development

Writing code in your browser, it’s coming this way, I tell you! Some indications: my own WikiRAD article (July 2005) Playing around with PHP and wikis at the same time made me think on how web-based editing and compiling would… Continue Reading →

Biometric spielerei: Applied Minds

Reading this article on Applied Minds sure brings back memories: Co-founder Danny Hillis escorts me down a hallway that dead-ends into an old-fashioned red phone booth. The phone rings. He places receiver to ear. “The blue moon jumps over the… Continue Reading →

Hybrid CD: making it run on Mac and PC

“Just write it on a CD” can mean a lot of things. There’s the plain audio CD (also ‘IEC 908’ or ‘Red Book‘ standard – 74 minutes of audio), the CD-ROM (or ‘Yellow Book‘ – 700MB of data), the CD-R… Continue Reading →

Busy Being Born: the Mac User Interface

from This story illustrates the birth process of the Apple Mac user interface from 1978 to 1982, as told by Andy Hertzfeld. Lots of Polaroids to document the progress. The whole Folklore site is full of early Apple inside… Continue Reading →

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