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Don’t send me a video, send me a link

I know, there are so many ‘funny’ videos you just have to share with your friends. So you send them an email. But for god’s sake, not with a 5MB movie in attachment! For all you know, he/she might not… Continue Reading →

CalendarBurner: Feedburner for iCal calendars

I am currently using my experience with to build a similar site for Tango in Bulgaria. One of the major components of the site is the tango calendar. In this case I have chosen not to use a special… Continue Reading →

DrupalPress: Matt vs Dries

On my left side: Matt Mullenweg: Matt was born in 1984 in Houston, Texas. Amongst other things (see below) Matt is a passionate photographer. In Jan 2003, unhappy with the capabilities of B2/Cafelog, he starts with the development of what… Continue Reading →

FM Brussel playlist live on Twitter

Via Pietel I heard of a Twitter account that publishes the playlist of StuBru in real-time. Interesting, but I listen to FM Brussel. How hard would it be to make the same thing for FM Brussel? Not that hard, it… Continue Reading →

Number 24, score 17

According to Metatale

What Google Agenda currently misses

I am using Google Agenda as the central repository for the Belgian tango agenda, which I edit together with half a dozen other tango enthusiasts. While the principle of a central, hosted calendar storage works wonderfully, I (have to) use… Continue Reading →

Your Twitter Quotient (TQ)

Something I threw together, just because I could: Twitter Quotient indicator. This page will get your # of friends, followers, favorites and updates from Twitter and calculate some ratios. The result might be confronting, disappointing or slightly funny. You choose.

Package Delivery 2.0

I spent last weekend at the Brussels Tango Festival, mostly taking pictures of people dancing. Because of the lack of light that is typical for tango events, I had bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens online one week before. First… Continue Reading →

Pipes + SQL = Structured Web Query Language

Let’s remix 2 original observations: In Yahoo! Pipes, what used to be a table in the relational database is now: a web page, an RSS feed, etc. The current list of sources includes: Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Local, Fetch (RSS feeds),… Continue Reading →

Popurls: why I like Reddit and better than Digg

A site I use often to keep a view on “what’s happening” is It show lots of links, pictures and videos (Flickr, Youtube, iFilm, Wired …) but the part I use most is the top of the page: the… Continue Reading →

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