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DrupalPress: Matt vs Dries

On my left side: Matt Mullenweg: Matt was born in 1984 in Houston, Texas. Amongst other things (see below) Matt is a passionate photographer. In Jan 2003, unhappy with the capabilities of B2/Cafelog, he starts with the development of what… Continue Reading →

FM Brussel playlist live on Twitter

Via Pietel I heard of a Twitter account that publishes the playlist of StuBru in real-time. Interesting, but I listen to FM Brussel. How hard would it be to make the same thing for FM Brussel? Not that hard, it… Continue Reading →

Number 24, score 17

According to Metatale

What Google Agenda currently misses

I am using Google Agenda as the central repository for the Belgian tango agenda, which I edit together with half a dozen other tango enthusiasts. While the principle of a central, hosted calendar storage works wonderfully, I (have to) use… Continue Reading →

Your Twitter Quotient (TQ)

Something I threw together, just because I could: Twitter Quotient indicator. This page will get your # of friends, followers, favorites and updates from Twitter and calculate some ratios. The result might be confronting, disappointing or slightly funny. You choose.

Package Delivery 2.0

I spent last weekend at the Brussels Tango Festival, mostly taking pictures of people dancing. Because of the lack of light that is typical for tango events, I had bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens online one week before. First… Continue Reading →

Pipes + SQL = Structured Web Query Language

Let’s remix 2 original observations: In Yahoo! Pipes, what used to be a table in the relational database is now: a web page, an RSS feed, etc. The current list of sources includes: Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Local, Fetch (RSS feeds),… Continue Reading →

Popurls: why I like Reddit and better than Digg

A site I use often to keep a view on “what’s happening” is It show lots of links, pictures and videos (Flickr, Youtube, iFilm, Wired …) but the part I use most is the top of the page: the… Continue Reading →

LeWeb3: the Babel effect

I went to see the movie “Babel” recently, and I liked it a lot. At some point I was asked “what is it about?” The best I could come up with is “bad judgement”. If you still plan on seeing… Continue Reading →

LeWeb3 is actually “Loic for president”

For some reason this “web” conference has been transformed into a political rally. First, this morning Shimon Peres shows up to talk about world peace. This afternoon, out of the blue, we’re supposed to welcome Nicholas Sarkozy (UMP). And equally… Continue Reading →

Off to LeWeb3

I’m leaving for Paris with Clo and Fre to attend the LeWeb3 conference. We will be joined by a whole bunch of Belgians: Bart, Kris, Maarten, Luc, Robin … 2 days of networking, schmoozing and lots of good food (at… Continue Reading →

LeWeb3: a dozen Belgians in Paris

Le Web 3 has just passed the 400 attendees, and of those, 12 are Belgians – that’s an extra 10 after my last post. Quite some familiar faces, and some new ones: 20- Clo Willaerts – Belgacom Skynet – BE… Continue Reading →

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