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Le Web 3 in Paris

Based on the excellent experience of last year’s Les Blogs, I just registered for the conference “Le Web 3” in Paris on Dec 11th and 12th, organised by SixApart/Vox. Clo and me are the first two Belgians on the attendee… Continue Reading →

Youtube for PDF: embedding documents

PDF Documents Playing around with embedded Google calendars and reading “Google Apps and the power of embedded functionality“, I got to thinking: what would be other good candidates for a 1-click-embedding provider of other types of documents. I wondered e.g…. Continue Reading →

How to visualize a timeline

I am working on a timeline of animation movies: specifically to see when Disney started to fade and Pixar/Dreamworks took over. What films were made when, who made them and in what way do they coincide with activities of e.g…. Continue Reading →

The photo must link back to its photo page

I was doing it anyway, but now Flickr is pissing me off: Eventhough it is true: The Flickr service makes it possible to post images hosted on Flickr to outside websites. This use is accepted (and even encouraged!). However, pages… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Brussels: get ready!

Those of you that will join us on Barcamp Brussels, these is what you need to do to prepare yourselves: your talk should be shorter than 30 minutes, aim for 15-25 minutes. So no reading 50 slides! It will take… Continue Reading →

Rails Conference in London – who’s coming?

Who wants to join in for the September Rails Conference in London? Let’s set up a nice Belgian delegation! We can get a group discount: 5 or more delegates and get 10% discount 10 or more delegates and get 15%… Continue Reading →

Adsense: The long tail of spare change

Last year, Google took in about $2.7 billion through ads on other people’s sites, accounting for 44% of its ad revenues. Most of that money probably came through big sites, but a decent portion must have come from the little… Continue Reading →

Moving up the feed chain

While playing with Feed43 recently (an excellent anything-to-RSS converter), I wondered: why doesn’t Feedburner do any of this stuff? It’s just a bit earlier in the RSS food chain (let’s call that the ‘feed chain’). Which of course incentivised me… Continue Reading →

Web-based web development

Writing code in your browser, it’s coming this way, I tell you! Some indications: my own WikiRAD article (July 2005) Playing around with PHP and wikis at the same time made me think on how web-based editing and compiling would… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Brussels: May 2006

Last year we organised a fairly successfull blogger’s dinner in Brussels, and now we’re gonna try something different: next May we will have a Barcamp Brussels event. WHAT IS A BARCAMP? (photo by miss_rogue) Barcamp was first organised in LA… Continue Reading →

Google buys Writely

Google has just confirmed to have bought Upstartle, the creators of Writely (Writely Blog/GoogleBlog via Om Malik). Apart from being good news for the founders of Upstartle, this also indicates Google’s determination to make the fat client history and allow… Continue Reading →

Edgeio: edge aggregator

Michael Arrington has just launched his new baby: Edgeio, a classifieds aggregator. Edgeio will spider and index anyone’s feed and aggregate the posts tagged with “listing”. It then clusters the other tags in order to attach the post to the… Continue Reading →

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