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Padding the margin: CSS Cheatsheet

This CSS cheat sheet is gonna save me a couple of Google searches next time I start fiddling around with my layout: margin: Sets the size of the overall margin of an element. Negative values are permitted, but exercise caution…. Continue Reading →

Caffeine and error messages

made with Atom Smasher’s Error Message Generator Programming is the process of converting caffeine into error messages. (via Joel on Software)

Playing MP3 with an embedded Flash player

(There is an updated post at Click to hear the MP3 playlist (Apr 2006)) When you want to have an embedded player in a web page, there are several options: working with an embedded RealPlayer or WindowsMedia player – which… Continue Reading →

Podcasting trick #5: play-it-now buttons

While working with Jurriaan on a podcast for (with their excellent sample spotters show), I finished a small project I had been working on a couple of months ago: a web-based streaming media player for MP3/RAM/WMA files. I actually… Continue Reading →

Poor-man’s sepia conversion

Working for Pixagogo makes digital imagery my daily bread, and I fool around with images every now and then. I am, however, not a user of PhotoShop. I’ve never worked with it, I don’t own the software, nada. Keep that… Continue Reading →

My online charmap of HTML character entities

Geeky as hell, but I need it quite often, and what better place to put it but here: the list of 250+ HTML character entities. Handy if you would want to write σ = ¾ • ∑ ƒ(χ²) – or… Continue Reading →

Port redirection in Windows

We use port redirection/proxy often on our platforms. In the production setup, separate (Linux-based) servers take care of this, but for our development and testing environment, we need port redirection for Windows system. I generally use 2 command-line packages:… Continue Reading →

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