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Skeemz on Brussels Jazz Marathon

Brussels in the sun, what a pleasure. Some glasses of white wine, listening to music on a ‘terraske’ with some friends, yesterday was really a nice day. Certainly with the pleasant contribution of Skeemz, a Ghent-based band that played funky… Continue Reading →

Spam ads in Atom-2-RSS converter from

I publish my blog via Blogger, and since they refuse to support RSS, I have to find a way to convert my Atom feeds into RSS, so it is accessible for any RSS reader. I had found an on-line service… Continue Reading →

Feed-based automatic download/caching

Interesting idea on HubLog (actually it’s an idea of Les Orchard). I’d love to pay a monthly fee to have shows by Joss Whedon stream on down to my file-server with BitTorrent. I’d love to subscribe to favorite indie bands’… Continue Reading →

Metafilter on Steve Gadd

Great post on Steve Gadd on MetaFilter. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to start drumming, after hearing him on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Concert in Central Park”. When I started browsing through the Steve Gadd Grooves and Fills, I… Continue Reading →

Engineering for the ego

I impressed my daughter today! The CD-ROM drive in her computer was stuck halfway and wouldn’t move anymore. I opened up the case, took out the drive, removed the casing and peeked into the interior with a completely fake ‘I… Continue Reading →

A Pentium 4 is not necessarily a Pentium 4

I was throwing my DAW system together, first time I actually ‘built’ my own PC, and I thought it went kind of smooth. But my PC did not want to boot every other time. It just started beeping ee-oo-ee-oo, which… Continue Reading →

No life without CURLs

If you’re a web server administrator – as I am – every now and then, someone yells at you “The site is down, fix it!”. A tool you should always keep handy is CURL. It’s a command-line web client (multi-platform… Continue Reading →


This post from Anil Dash brings back memories: Current number of days that Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’” has been stuck in my head: Four. I remember back in 1991 I was listening to that song for hours (Yep, she… Continue Reading →

StereoSearch – a new Hizmo

I’ve got a habit of every now and then making tiny web applications to solve some issue/challenge I encounter. I call these Hizmo’s, for lack of a better term. (You have to be Belgian to get this typo). The last… Continue Reading →

Portable audio & copy protection

Dear Record Company, I just received my latest shipment from Previewing songs, referral to related artists, only 2 days between ordering and delivery, I love shopping the Amazon way. Which is probably why I buy around 50 CDs a… Continue Reading →

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