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Fancy redirection on IIS 5

The task seemed easy enough: set up a new web site such that every URL is automatically redirected to process.aspx/?path=some_path (on the same domain or on – both have .Net running) Because we run our sites on… Continue Reading →

Moodlex & Ableton Live

I saw a gig some weeks ago by Moodlex: just one guy with a portable PC, mixing his music live. It was awesome, terribly funky. I just had to know what he was using for software, that made it so… Continue Reading →

My new DAW in the making

I just purchased an AOpen XC Cube EZ-65 – hope it does not take too long to deliver. I will be turning it into a dedicated DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I’m going to use my M-Audio Ozone MIDI/Audio/USB keyboard as… Continue Reading →

Pictures of my home studio

Using a nifty little feature from I can now have a picture of a random gizmo from my home studio displayed. Like this:

pyPersoMail updated to v0.2

I actually use the script to send our customer mailings, so now it works ;-). Some features: – sending personalised emails 1 by 1, using CSV file as input – throttling: the script waits for 60 seconds between batches… Continue Reading →

waCluster – newest sibling in the waUtils/WinAdmin family

I’ve just finished waCluster.wsf 1.0 – a script for managing Network Load Balancing on Win2K servers. It takes care of stopping/starting load-balanced ports, related services. How easy is this for performing a rolling upgrade on a web server? waCluster RESTART… Continue Reading →

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