Some of my more popular projects on Github

  • gandi_deploy: I host a lot of my websites on and this script helps me tremendously in deploying them: commit-push-deploy (bash)
  • bash_boilerplate: I wite a lot of bash scripts, and I developed this template script to get started faster, with option parsing, logging, verbose, temp folder (bash)
  • networkcheck: find network problems:is is the network card, the gateway, the dns server, the firewall that prevents web access (bash)
  • mrtgobot: a wrapper around mrtg, for easy run, index, rsync
  • pf_pageparser: based on 10+ years of experience with scraping sites, a library that just makes it easier (PHP)
  • crontask: script for using in cron/scheduled tasks with and integration (bash)
  • winadmin: a collection of Windows tools for sysadmins, e.g. to clean up folders – WaRmZip, calculate throughput – waTimer, … (cscript)
  • PaparazzoMark: for resizing and adding a text or image watermark to exported photos (PHP)