Moiano teaches Soulschool

Just bought a surprisingly good debut album: “Soulschool” by Moiano. It’s a Belgian band started by Peter Lesage, who has played the keyboards for Gabriel Rios, Flip Kowlier, Krewcial. He’s now got a band of talented musicians around him.

About the album: there’s elements of Prince (“I think of u” for instance, and not only for the title typo, and “Little less” even has Peter Lesage convincingly screaming like the little man from Minneapolis), James Brown (the groove on “The music and you” snuggles up to Sexmachine), and even Steely Dan (for some reason this is what pops into my mind when I hear the chorus on “She knows” – which is a fabulous track). The production quality is outstanding, every detail in perfect place, especially the horn and voice arrangements.

From what I hear, they’re also a great live act, so I’ll have to check that out. Anyway: these guys are going places!

The album is not yet available on Amazon, but you can buy it on Proxis.

UPDATE: now also on MySpace!

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