Realistic daily range of an electric vehicle

I have been driving my Tesla Model Y 2021 for almost 18 months now, and while I do not really suffer from EV Range Anxiety, I would like to nuance the official Tesla ModelY LR 330 miles / 533km range. That number very much feels like a theoretical maximum. It is not the number you should have in mind when you’re deciding on the next car to buy.

Microtime in bash: sub-second precision

Post #8 in this bash benchmark series, measuring the speed of common bash operations.

Using bashew in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions, used in countless CI/CD setups, are a good example of the ubiquity of bash scripting. Most of the run: lines in an Action YML document are nothing but (a sequence of) bash command lines.

Idea: Automatic Expense Reporting

Every end of the month, as I spend several hours getting on top of all my receipts, expenses and invoices, scanning barely legible paper tidbits with my phone, I’m thinking to myself, surely there must be a better way? I mean, we are 2022, after all?

Sane GDPR cookie management

I have been working on GDPR-related issues recently, and I need to vent a little. While it might be a good thing that the privacy concerns, that led to GDPR, were raised by lawyers, unfortunately the implementation was left to lawyers, too. Let me rant first and talk about a solution afterwards.

Benchmark: hash functions

Post #7 in this bash benchmark series, measuring the speed of common bash text manipulations.