Idea: Double Vision for 3D cinema

(I had this idea in June 2011 and wrote this post in Oct 2011, but I decided to wait with publishing until my lovely colleague Sylvia could get the scoop and use it for a marketing action).

A 3D display lets you experience 3D images by letting your left eye see something different from your right eye (‘stereoscopy’). Most technologies for this (certainly the ones used in cinema) use special glasses. Active/passive, based on colours, polarisation, timing… It’s fascinating, but that’s not what I want to address here. What intrigues me, are less common usages: what if instead showing something different to eye1 (left) and eye2 (right), you show something different to person1 and person2?

Split screen gaming

This is what inspired me for this train of thought: in Feb 2011, Sony showed a gaming set-up where player 1 and 2 watch the same screen, but each see their own point-of-view. In this case, it was based on the angle of view: sit in the middle and you see both views at the same time and get a head-ache. I want to consider the 3D screens used with glasses (e.g. Dolby, RealD)

“LL” and “RR” glasses in the cinema

Let’s take two pairs of 3D glasses. Each of those has 2 different lenses (‘L’: lets through the left image; ‘R’: lets though the right image). Pop out the left lens of the first one and switch it with the right lens of the latter.You now have an LL-pair and an RR-pair.  A person with an LL pair will only see the image destined for the left eye, and the RR pair will only let you see the ‘right-eye’ image. Now imagine a cinema theater with one LL group and one RR group of viewers. You can make them see different things on the same screen. What could you use this for?

Some examples

Secure laptop viewing

You want to work on your secret document in a public place? Put on the screen obfuscator on your 3D laptop screen, and only you, with the AA glasses, are able to see what’s happening on the screen. Someone without the glasses just sees a garbled mix of your actual screen and a random sequence of images, and the combination is impossible to make sense of.


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