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waSendKeys: new Winadmin script

Over on the brand new, freshly painted Winadmin scripts site: waSendKeys.wsf 1.0 was just released. This one will start a program and send keystrokes to it. Use it to automate programs that only have an interactive user interface and do… Continue Reading →

Beware: activity on !

I just created a new WinAdminscript to do XSL Transforms, and while I was at it, also updated some older scripts. The results: waXslt (NEW): to perform an XSL Transform on an XML file waNoCaps (UPDATED): the most popular –… Continue Reading →

waCluster – newest sibling in the waUtils/WinAdmin family

I’ve just finished waCluster.wsf 1.0 – a script for managing Network Load Balancing on Win2K servers. It takes care of stopping/starting load-balanced ports, related services. How easy is this for performing a rolling upgrade on a web server? waCluster RESTART… Continue Reading →

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