Squid: list top X referers

If your Squid server logs the referers of its request (i.e.

  1. you’ve configured squid-cache with --enable-referer-log before compiling and
  2. you’ve included a referer_log /var/log/squid/referer.log in your squid.conf file),
    you can easily show top 50 of most popular referers with a simple Bourne shell:

  3. this script is ‘top_referers.sh’
  4. (c) 2004 Peter Forret – Open Source
    MAXLINES=50(<br /> echo REPORT MADE AT `date`<br /> echo =============================<br /> $OUTPUT

Then add it to your crontab:
10 * * * * /(path)/top_referers.sh
and you have an hourly updated stat!
Add a little HTML formatting if you’re aesthetically demanding!

💬 Linux