Podcast Pepsi Challenge: doing it in the car

While he was still a sceptic in October 2004, Russell Beattie has taken the Pepsi Challenge and tried out listening to podcasts in the car:

I am officially hooked on Podcasting!
I drove down to work this morning and listened to Adam Curry on my new MuVo and was quite entertained for most of the ride down (he’s actually a great morning DJ) and then coming back I listened to most of Jerry Fiddler’s talk over at IT Conversations. WOW! What a difference it made to my hour long commute! I almost didn’t want to get out of the car tonight. No searching for a station, no frustration in the topics that NPR is talking about tonight and though I love her dearly, no Terri Gross. Awesome!
(via russellbeattie.com)

couch on wheels This is something I experienced myself and have seen in others too: while it is possible to listen to podcasts at your PC, it’s not ideal. You start reading your email, dive into the fridge, switch on the television and get terribly distracted. For me it was also a 2-hour morning commute listening to IT Conversations Pop!Tech series that made me realise to how much use my previously ‘lost’ time in the car could be put.

So if you’ve never done it in the car, don’t make a judgement about the values of podcasting. It’s like comparing a car seat with your cosy couch at home: it might not be as comfortable to sit in, but this is more than compensated for by the fact that your car can drive you around, and your sofa most probably not.

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