Tango steps and Twister

Simple salida (exit)
I have been looking for a while for the best way to describe tango steps and figures. There are quite a number of steps out there, and at some points you end up totally twisted around the lady without a clue of how to unravel.

Pure text does not work for me, although TangoHK does a pretty good job of that. Tango video excerpts are rare on the net, and even those are not always clear. A guy in black pants dancing with a girl with a wide black skirt against a dark background… I always thought it should be possible to draw the steps in a clear way. Preferably a moving image (Flash/PowerPoint?) but already well drawn 2-D directions would do.

El Portal del Tango is one of the first sites that has these kind of drawings for tango steps. Here they are: simple salida (exit), forward ocho (eight), retroceso (regression), cadencia (cadence).

It does remind one of Twister, doesn’t it?

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