Propaganda: podcast creation tool by Mixmeister

While checking for the latests versions of Mixmeister software, the excellent audio tool for crafting MP3 mixes, (they’re at release 6.0 now), I also noticed they just released Propaganda, a Windows software for creating p0dcasts. They’ve built it on the Mixmeister engine: accurate automatic detection of BPM (tempo) and downtime (1st beat of a measure), flawless time-stretching (speeding a song up or down without changing the pitch) and manipulation through a timeline based editor.

They also discovered a better way to limit the capabilities of their demo versions: instead of shutting the program down after 15 minutes – which is always unpleasant when you’re in the middle of trying something out – you now have a voice-over every 5 minutes that announces the fact that you’re using a trial version. At $49 for the full version, this is a good choice for any podcaster who wants an easy-to-use solution to create his programs.

If you’re more of a DJ, try one of the Mixmeister series (there’s a free trial version for each of them):


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