Consumers digital rights

Consumer Digital Rights
The BEUC (“Bureau Européen des Unions de consommateurs” or European Consumers Organisation) has set up a web site to inform consumers on which rights they still DO have on their digital content:

Consumers are not pirates!
P2P is like stealing a CD in a shop!“, “We have to protect artists who are being robbed by consumers on the Internet!“.
We are being fed this type of “truth” thanks to the efforts of certain major music and film industry interests.
For this reason, we are launching today with a press conference in the European Parliament and with the support of Mrs Zuzana Roithová MEP, a Campaign supported by a “Declaration of Consumers’ Digital Rights“.

They put the following 6 basic consumer rights forward:

The BEUC tries to give a voice to a large group of consumers and individuals that have a hard time to counter the lobbying power of record and movie companies. If you want to support the action, put a logo on your own page!

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