Filling a terabyte iPod

Muster said that within five years, Apple could release an iPod with one terabyte of storage — that’s almost 17 times the maximum amount of iPod storage Apple currently offers.
Munster envisions a one terabyte iPod as a portable, “coffee table” media center that would allow users to store hundreds of movies and thousands of photos and songs.

A 1000 GB iPod, that is

  • 200 movies or 370 hours of full quality DVD
  • up to 2000 hours (almost 3 months non-stop) at DivX/Xvid/MPEG-4 quality
  • using the H.264 video compression: 120 days or 4 months of video!
  • 1500 music albums of full quality CD (which means, no Sony XCP)
  • 15.000 albums if your rip/compress them to MP3 first, maybe 20.000 if you use WMA/AAC (that is over 2 years of audio to listen to!)
  • 2500 episodes or 100 seasons of TV series like Lost, L-Word, Desperate Housewives, Sopranos, … in compressed format (hey, it’s a 2,5″ screen, who cares about HD?)
  • If your terabyte iPod breaks down and you buy a new one, it will take you between 3 hours (FireWire 800 Mbps) to 2 days (Wifi 802.11g) to fill it up again (from the backup you of course had put on your snug little home 10GB RAID-5 storage cluster thingy).
    If by then all portable devices have 10-Gbit Ethernet built in: 15 minutes will be enough to fill ‘er up.
  • Our then-standard 48 megapixel camera would create 72MB RAW images, of which the iPod could store 14.000, or if you would compress them to 5MB JPEG: 200.000 pictures.

Other predictions: the iPhone (or Apple as mobile virtual network operator) and the iTIVO, a media-center/time-shifting/TV/video/DVD hub , all in the next 12-24 months. Let’s hope this inspires some people to seriously vamp up their design/user interface teams (Nokia, Microsoft, I’m looking at you!).


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  1. An external terabyte hard drive only costs about $300, as of summer ’08. If Apple releases the 1TB iPod within the next few years, I can see it matching their standard price points.

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