New podcast icons based on Firefox/IE feed logo

Original Firefox feed iconYou might have heard that the Microsoft IE team (and Outlook 12 team) is adopting the orange square ‘feed’ logo for its web feeds:

I’m excited to announce that we’re adopting the icon used in Firefox. John and Chris were very enthusiastic about allowing us (and anyone in the community) to use their icon. This isn’t the first time that we’ve worked with the Mozilla team to exchange ideas and encourage consistency between browsers, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

So I decided to update my previous podcast logos with the new graphic:
(If you want to use them, and need the HTML code to copy/paste, check my podcast icon wizard)

Simple icons

Podcast RSS (generic): Podcast RSS (generic)

Audio podcasts

Audio RSS: Audio RSS
Audio RSS (Apple iTunes AAC): Audio RSS (Apple iTunes AAC)
Audio RSS (MP3): Audio RSS (MP3)
Audio RSS (QuickTime MP4): Audio RSS (QuickTime MP4)
Audio RSS (Ogg Vorbis): Audio RSS (Ogg Vorbis)
Audio RSS (RealAudio RAM): Audio RSS (RealAudio RAM)
Audio RSS (Windows Media WMA): Audio RSS (Windows Media WMA)

Video podcasts

Video RSS: Video RSS
Video RSS (Windows AVI): Video RSS (Windows AVI)
Video RSS (DivX): Video RSS (DivX)
Video RSS (Quicktime MOV): Video RSS (Quicktime MOV)
Video RSS (Quicktime MP4): Video RSS (Quicktime MP4)
Video RSS (Quicktime): Video RSS (Quicktime)
Video RSS (Windows WMV): Video RSS (Windows WMV)
Video RSS (XVid): Video RSS (XVid)

If you want to know whyI don’t use the acronyms “RSS” or “XML” in the icons, check Web feeds are like RSS, only different.


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