SuperThriller concert in Botanique

Superthriller in the Botanique
Life is full of surprises and sometimes good ones too:
The “Superthriller” concert in the Botanique was a blast. Never heard of the guys, just thought that the word “funk” in the concert announce was not a bad sign, but boy, what a discovery! Like they say on their site: a mix of Prince, Beck and Scissor Sisters, and they don’t take themselves too seriously at all.

Keyboard player: “The next song is by a very close friend of ours … John Lennon.”
Singer: “It’s called ‘Cold Turkey’
Crossdressing background singer: “It’s a song about Christmas at my place

Or the song that started with “This is a song about my girlfriend“, and the song title turning out to be “Fat Ass“.
Or the sensitive ballad on just piano and vocals: “When the bitch gets cranky“.
We had fun.

Their album is called “Superthriller 1” (on iTunes or Amazon)

Here are some songs, but as good as they are, they’re no match for the live experience!


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