ShockAbsorber: Baywatch and science

Joey from “Friends“, as we all know, is very interested in bio-mechanics, certainly the topic of female movement on beaches:

Nicole EggertCHANDLER: So ah, whatcha watching?
JOEY: Baywatch.
CHANDLER: What’s it about?
JOEY: Lifeguards.
CHANDLER: Well, it sounds kinda stupid… Who’s she?
JOEY: Nicole Eggert. You’ll like her.
CHANDLER: Wow! Look at them run.
JOEY: They do that a lot.
(from The One With the Flashback)

ShockAbsorber - sports bra simulatorThe UK bra brand ShockAbsorber took it one step further and actually teamed up with Portsmouth University to explore the exact dynamics of chest movement during sports activity. Whoever said science was dull?

Teaming up with Portsmouth University
In 2004, we joined forces with Portsmouth University to update and expand our original research into breast movement during exercise. Established in 1992, the Sports Science Department has an impressive track record of research.
The results
Analysing the movement of a C cup, it was found that wearing no bra resulted in a 3D bounce of up to 6.7cm, compared to 6.4cm for a normal bra and 3.4cm when wearing a Shock Absorber.
Conclusion: Shock Absorber reduces 3D bounce by up to 74% (A cup; B989 style)

They used the results to create the Bounce-o-meter: simulate breast movement for any cup size with and without sports bra. Joey would have loved it. One thing you notice when playing with the parameters: horseriding with a C-cup is a bad idea without the proper support. We live to learn.



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