When (if) Spring comes, these are its Pantone colors

According to Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, blue dominated the palette, with three shades – Deep Ultramarine, Skyway and Blue Tint – placing in the top 10
from Pantone website

I took the liberty of converting them to RGB with the CMYK-RGB Converter:

PANTONE 13-1106
Sand Dollar
C=6; M=8; Y=12; K=0 #F0EBE0
PANTONE 19-3950
Deep Ultramarine
C=93; M=58; Y=0; K=22 #0E54C7
PANTONE 12-0722
French Vanilla
C=0; M=0; Y=30; K=2 #FAFAAF
PANTONE 13-0317
Lily Green
C=15; M=0; Y=34; K=4 #D0F5A2
PANTONE 14-4112
C=25; M=8; Y=0; K=4 #B8E1F5
PANTONE 13-4910
Blue Tint
C=33; M=0; Y=8; K=0 #ABFFEB
PANTONE 14-2307
Cameo Pink
C=0; M=26; Y=0; K=4 #F5B5F5
PANTONE 16-1442
C=0 ; M=45; Y=60; K=0 #FF8C66
PANTONE 18-1320
C=50; M=60; Y=70; K=20 #66523D
PANTONE 16-3815
C=35; M=33; Y=0; K=0 #A6ABFF


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