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If you have sent me an email in the last two days, you will likely have gotten a bounce like “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender“. Please resend your message because your mail server is indeed right: my email addresses were unavailable this Friday and Saturday.

The reason: I was too late for the renewal of my domain so it expired, my Coditel broadband connection was down so I didn’t notice that my mails stopped coming in until Saturday. I did some emergency DNS adjustments, changed those, and then still did some other stuff, and so this is the situation 24 hours later:

  • my email addresses are now served by Dreamhost and they should work. (when all DNS updates have propagated through this universe)
  • my DNS management for is now also at Dreamhost, which makes life a lot easier for me now (e.g. creating was a piece of cake – with an external DNS that’s always a bit more tricky)
  • my web tools are now at instead of at In short: the domain can not be hosted by someone else than Dreamhost, but my web tools have to run on Windows (ASP), which my Dreamhost account does not have. Hence:, which is my Windows hosting account. However, since now runs on Apache, I can do automatic redirects with mod-rewrite, so that *should* be transparent to users.
  • I’ve lost my domain – must check with Hostbasket if I can get it back during the DNS holding period.
  • my Smoothouse content can now be found on (e.g. my collection of house podcasts)
  • my Smoothpod Mashup podcast has moved to
    UPDATE : and it has now moved to
  • The Webjay wizard has moved to my web tools, where it belonged anyway.
  • my HTTP header analyzer has also moved to the web tools, together with it’s companion the Squid Cache policy checker. (I bet you don’t have one of those, right?)
  • I have at last been able to give my sister and father back their address (long story). And I gave my mom a new one, for Mother’s Day!

So: please resend your messages, certainly if they were about Barcamp Brussels.

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  1. Hi Peter. got a problem using the webjay wizard. The generated code doesnt work any more and i cant figure the problem. has something changed? thx

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