Big bazooka: XL Gaming @ Kinepolis

Kinepolis XL-GamingThat 24″ screen not big enough for you? Now you can a rent a movie theatre for a half hour to play Playstation games on the big screen in Kinepolis Brugge.

Thanks to the widespread digitalisation of Kinepolis cinemas, Kinepolis is developing further ‘alternative content’ in conjunction with Barco and Technicolor. In addition to digital full-length films, cinema-goers can now also experience more and more alternative content in digital format, such as prestigious events, television series, live concerts and sports competitions – and now XL Gaming, too.

Imagine you could rent a movie theatre and show whatever you want, without the necessity of 35mm film, to a public of, let’s say, 20 to 50 people. What would you project?

  • movie DVD: classic movies that never get to the screen anymore, like “Spinal Tap”, “The Party”
  • music DVD: stuff like “Woodstock”, “Sade – Lovers Live”
  • series DVD: 3 seasons of “Friends” in a row, or series that never made it to Europe like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  • comedy DVD: a night full of Eddy Murphy, George Burns or Da Ali-G Show
  • documentary DVD: Carl Sagan or the BBC’s “A Brief History of Infinity”
  • Powerpoint presentations: if they add a crane, you can even do an “Al Gore” (cf “An Inconvenient Truth”)
  • software demos: e.g. Final Cut Pro, Second Life
  • live Skype session: with the webcam in that little top right 10m² block

What would you want to see on a huge screen like that?

1 thought on “Big bazooka: XL Gaming @ Kinepolis”

  1. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is uitgezonden op VPRO. De eerste twee seizoenen als ik mij niet vergis. ‘k Heb er toen alleszins verschillende afleveringen van gezien.

    En wat is het nut van het aansluiten van antieke technologie als een PS2 op een digitale projector ? Dan gebruiken ze beter de ooit wel eens te verschijnen PS3 of de Xbox 360. Die dingen kunnen tenminste iets outputten dat de moeite waard is om op zo’n scherm te projecteren.

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