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Babel: japanese girl
Babel” links up three stories on three continents in a clever way. Mexican director Iñárritu has probably made one of the best movies of 2006. I’m not gonna tell anything more about the plot (but girls: it features Brad Pitt and Gael García Bernal). Just go and see it!

One very pleasant discovery halfway was the excellent Japanese remix of “September” (Earth Wind and Fire). It starts off all sampled and cut up, but I recognized it quite fast (I have a thing for sampling). So who was responsible for this funky rework of an already fabulous original?

I did some Googling when I got home and I found the following reference: “September” – Shinichi Osawa (via I found no other reference but Shinichi also appears on a Earth, Wind & Fire Remixes album by Soul Source (aka Ken Yanai). On that album, however, Shinichi remixes “Brazilian Rhyme” and September is remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine aka Tanaka Tomoyuki. Shinichi is also the DJ behind Mondo Grosso, and I actually own “Vibe PM” on Dimitri From Paris’ Monsieur Dimitri’s De-Luxe House Of Funk, remixed by Masters at Work. All this namedropping just to state that there is a whole Japanese house-scene that I was not aware off. Great discovery times ahead!

UPDATE: apparently it’s a mashup of Fatboy Slim’s “The Joker” (remixed by ATFC) and Earth Wind & Fire “September” (remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine), and the mashup was created by Shinichi Osawa. All the samples I found online only let you hear the “September” part, so you can’t hear the cut ‘n paste work Shinishi has done.

This is the YouTube clip:
(video deleted by Youtube)

If you need to be reminded how ridiculous the fashion habits were in the seventies: here’s the original:
(video deleted by Youtube)

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  1. I heard some contradictory comments on this one – I liked Iñárritu’s previous movies (Amores Perros, 21 Grams) a lot, so can you indicate if this one is as good?

  2. On Amazon the track is called “September-The Joker (ATFC’s Aces High Remix)”.

    ATFC (“Aydin The Funki Chile”) is the DJ who runs the OnePhatDeeva label. But I think ATFC remixed “The Joker” (by Fat Boy Slim) and not September. (cf In the movie they’re probably mixed together.

  3. This film is without question one of the most shabbily executed efforts by a director I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. The film should be classified as torture under the Geneva Convention. Babel fails at every level, its sophomoric attempt to be “thought provoking”, leads the viewer through a film editing nightmare of laborious nonsense. The zero character development approach is inexcusable as this film repeatedly asks the viewer to deeply care about people we simply don’t know. Nor is there any context placed to the lives of these characters, so what one is left with is the hope of a plot capable of unifying the mess. Unfortunately the writing is so bad that a story line is unfathomable.
    The dialogue is contrived and jerky in its motion, only then to be interrupted by the chainsaw approach to editing of each scene, leaving the viewer with the agonizing task of comprehending the vague intent of this misguided project. The director then adds to this failed recipe, with a set of gratuitously scattered cheap camera shots meant to “shock” the audience, revealing just pure sleaze. After viewing this film I wanted to wash my clothes from the stench. This film is not just bad; it is atrocious, without a single redeeming quality. Give me my money back, plus pay me for the time wasted in sitting through almost three hours of utterly fraudulent art.

  4. I also liked the movie. I think that there’s a good message behind the stories mixed in the movie, you know some of the problems of today’s society generalized in different countries. But besides the movie I loved the mix of september and I also guessed which song it was with the first beats!! I’m doing some research too, to see if I can dowload it, but since there are so many hands upon this remix its kind of difficult.

    Well see you!

  5. What can I say about Babel, a movie, which didn´t do much more than flat ‘OK’.

    Three simultaneously told stories won´t do the trick unless they truly bring some meaningfullness to the core of the film, i.e. strengthen the main message, which I found was more or less lost…

    However, the scene where the Japanese get to the club was pumpin my attention, as the EWF classic was turned into a Fab remix!

  6. Hi there from Mexico City…

    I also liked the movie a lot. And this very scene you talk about, especially the music in it, also left me breathless. It is available on youtube, don’t know how long will it last, but take a look. =D

  7. Hi there,

    if anybody is still searching for a download, it’s available for the usual fee as a single download at iTunes.
    I just downloaded it (remembering only the remix of September from the movie), but I guess I’ll cut off the joker pretty soon, that version (don’t know the original version, though) is rather annoying.

    There’s another cool remix by Shinichi Osawa, Never Can Syay Goodbye (old Jackson5 hit).

    Does anybody know the remix records by soul source? Do they all come up with the same quality of remix work?

  8. Where can I download the exact version that plays in the movie (the club scene). Can someone please help me with this. I have looked everywhere, and am almost on the verge of giving up. But I like the track so damn much!

  9. Yeah but I cant really download it right? Can anyone suggest where i can download it from?


  10. just use the software from

    I am looking for The Joker AfTC’s remix, but longer than 1 minute… does it exist?

  11. I agree w/ Victorio. This movie was the worst, depressing farce I’ve ever suffered through. Not one redeeming quality. The writer must of had some profound commentary to make make but it was a complete dud and painful to watch. A depressive masochist might enjoy the movie!

  12. i cant find any of these
    can anybody tell exactly where to download the songs please

    i loved the movie…
    some people didnt like it ’cause we like happy things and happy endings
    it shows the reality with a high rate of fidelty
    anyway i would love to party were the girl did!
    the disco and the pills were awesome!

  13. The fact that “Babel” was not selected as a winner in any category (except music…impressive? Not! And it didn’t deserve that either.) is a complete vindication of my comments made way back in Nov. 2006.

    The academy has spoken…”Babel” had no chance of winning… ever. Its nomination was purely obligatory PC tush smacking.

    Now Pan’s Labryinth? Run don’t walk to see that film…absolute film genius… and orginality. I would pay double to see that wonderful poem of a film again.

  14. Hi,
    i watched the film “Babel”, and in that scene, where the japanese guys are dancing at the disco, first there comes a short remix of september from earth wind & fire, but the song that comes after that, does anyone know its name? or was it made specially for the film?. I’ve already looked up in the soundtrack but it’s not there.

    Hope you can help me!


  15. To me, this chain isn’t about disecting the movie. It’s about finding the download for that song in the club scene that blew many of us away.

    We’ve got “September/The Joker” mixed by Shinichi Osawa, but we don’t have a working link that’ll let us download the song.
    (Rapidshare wants you to become a member before you can download anything)

    So, how to a copy of the full song? That’s now the question

  16. Ted: Rapidshare does not necessarily want you to become a member. That’s what the “FREE” button is for.

  17. Got it, FINALLY.

    Thanks, Peter. But what a pain, first it tells you to wait for the free ticket and advises that you wouldn’t need to wait if you paid. Then it indirectly asks you to type down a passcode which IS case-sensitive. Then it’ll finally let you download. (and if you mess up a step you need to start all over again).

    Anyway, I can hear the Joker sample in the intro of the song and the change of sound from street sound to club sound follows the movie scene perfectly. What a masterpiece of a remix!

    (There’s also a mixed version of EWF at the end of ‘A Night at the Museum’ which I just saw tonight, but it’s not as good as this one)



  19. This mix is the hardest friggen thing to find…I found it on here through you…but it won’t let me download it 🙁 How else can I get it?

  20. Hey the song is called ” september – the joker ( remixed by shinichi osawa )

    and ure gonna have to download limewire to get it sorry, but its so worth it man!, ba-i-ya danceing in september!(goes into club bit)… WOOOAHHH!

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