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When the .eu domains became available to the general public, I decided I did not want forret.eu. That means that the domain was available to be grabbed by someone else, and indeed it has been. I received the following email today:
.EU domains businessmodel
This has all the professional charm of the mafia offering “protection”. The guy hides behind the Gmail of Luxembourg, kmail.lu . A DNS search shows me that KJ stands for Kurt Janusch from G-1 Ltd, 175-177 Newland Avenue, HU5 2EP, Hull UK. His name also shows up in a Eurid dispute (Eurid is the registrar that manages the .eu domains), but with an address in Germany. In another dispute with Altova, he is considered to have registered a domain name “without rights or legitimate interest in the name and in bad faith”.

Further, there were almost 3,000 other eu. domain names registered and offered for sale by the same “seller”, Mr. Kurt Janusch who, nevertheless, acts on behalf of various companies in this regard

Mr. Janusch is what they call a “domain squatter” or cybersquatter. He is of the same moral fiber as US counterparts like Jeff Burgar and John Zuccarini (the latter has been arrested).

Bring a scarce resource onto the market and what do you get: speculation. This is one of the reasons why Bob Parsons from GoDaddy refers to the launch of .eu domains as the .EU Landrush fiasco.

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  1. “We have your kid”
    Or indeed, as you put it, the mafia. You what part scares me the most? He (or she) asks to write back if you are interested in the offer, or, and here it comes, if you have something else in mind! Sounds like sexual favors could do the trick as well :p

  2. “Kurt Janusch” or “KJ” who has registered a lot of .eu
    domains which took advantages of the legitimate and
    reputable domain names and business trademarks of
    other people and companies, that is, without rights or
    legitimate interest in the domain names.

    “Kurt Janusch” is a clever “domain thief”, probably
    worse than Jeff Burgar or John Zuccarini. So far
    he/she is still freely roaming somewhere in Europe.
    He/she should be put in jail where he/she belongs.

    “Kurt Janusch” may not be a real name, he/she is using
    a multitude of fictitious organization/company names
    in his/her illicit cybersquatting business, and he/she
    is using different email addresses. Likely “Kurt
    Janusch” is illegally operating with accomplices in

    “Kurt Janusch” is hiding his/her “stolen domains” or
    “hijacked domains” (e.g. FORRET.eu) in Romania at the
    computer servers “NS1.XSS.RO” and “NS2.XSS.RO”.

    These cyber squatting servers “NS1.XSS.RO” and
    “NS2.XSS.RO” are owned and operated by:

    Danila Mircea Dumitrescu
    Str. Av. Colfescu, nr. 95
    Teleorman, 0700 Alexandria

    Direct Email: venatir@xss.ro
    Alternate Email: danilamircea@yahoo.com

    Danila Mircea Dumitrescu of Romania is using the
    company name “Xtreme Security Systems”.

    Danila Mircea Dumitrescu knows the name “Kurt

    The email “kj@25h.org” is often used by “Kurt Janusch”
    in his/her registration of the “stolen domains” or
    “hijacked domains”. The email system of “25h.org”
    coincidentally is also owned and operated by Danila
    Mircea Dumitrescu of Romania.

    Hoping the above information would be of help to you
    in catching the cybersquatter of “FORRET”.

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