Whisher: exchange passwords to share Wifi

There are different scenarios that enable people to share their Wifi. FON uses customer Wifi routers, Wifidog/OpenWRT uses custom server machines (PCs), and Whisher has a an interesting alternative: they aggregate Wifi passwords. You install an local application that you communicate the WEP/WPA key of your Wifi router to. This application will communicate this to the central Whisher service and give it to other clients when required. The other users do not see the actual key, it’s their application that does the login. Their mapping page seems to be broken, so it’s hard to tell how many Whisher-compatible access points there are in Belgium.


(via balencourt.com)

2 thoughts on “Whisher: exchange passwords to share Wifi”

  1. Whisher has no available access points in Belgium. Now amplify this to other countries, aka there is not really anyone using Whisher.

    I have followed it from their release, and they could not even get their website working properly.

    After speaking with some other wifi fans, Whisher has been written off as a dead loss. I heard that a guy has nearly finished a hack that allows you to download all the keys held in the whisher database and get them in their plain format. If this is true and it gets released, whisher would server little purpose.

    Also it’s a closed source project, and while they brag about their investment companies behind them, it would seem that they have been given very little cash, as development is from what I hear is done on a very tight budget, and that the true business only consists of 2 people.

    I think Whisher will be lucky to make it to the end of the year before closing down. Nice idea, just to late, and very very badly executed.

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