The sneaky shall inherit the earth

Ge moet maar durven

“Wie niet waagt, blijft maagd”, as they say over here. This guy promises to ask his spam buddies to stop comment-spamming, als long as you put a link to his site. A while ago, he used to promise only “If you dont like advertising comments please send me an email with your site address to tedirectory(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will not write on your site” (cf yahooinsiders), but now he seems to have expanded his influence. He is spamming several of my websites continuously. The source seems to be some people over at Global Net Access, Atlanta (via

Which makes me dream of ‘Big Spammer’, a TV-show where known spammers are followed by a hidden camera for a couple of weeks (‘see how he has been wearing the same shorts for a whole week now’) after which they are sued, convicted and dragged to jail, while all their computers are crushed by a huge truck. Mmmm, revenge …

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